From an industry built on parading lifestyles of the rich and the famous, Realest is a breath of fresh air...it completely strips away this facade, giving way to a much more authentic portrayal on life. “Some artists come off as one thing in the media. They look like they’re living in some big mansion with plush pillows and art work all over the walls but that’s not the case at all,” says Ennis. Maybe Ennis can’t change the way some people currently perceive the industry, but she can most definitely use her photography to uncover the realness within, shifting a perception of success from showing off to showing love.

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Ennis Chung has been able to get some deep access to an often incredibly self-protective industry. When asked how ...

24 Hour Doses of Hip-Hop With Ennis Chung


The Realest project reflects on an incredibly simple but undeniable fact. When we let others into the little, seemingly ordinary moments of our lives, that glimpse will change our existing preconceptions. No moment exemplifies this more than when Chung affectionately remembers how the people who’d previously been daunted by the prospect of spending 24 hours in her company changed their point of view; “Afterwards, a lot people were like, 'Aw man, it’s over already? Stay for 48!' And to me that’s been a huge honour.”

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Turnt Down Mag

Be prepared to add Ennis Chung’s name to the long list of women in hip hop culture who have become respected and renowned for their own creative spirit.

In an era where throwing around the phrase “culture vulture” has become second nature, it’s comforting to see someone whose involvement in hip hop is ultimately forged by a sincere interest in its culture and genuine intent above all.

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The 5th Element

Ennis like tennis, a five-foot Canadian photographer trying to make life and art happen in NY. Living unapologetically and spreading positivity

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“I’m completely myself.”
From anyone else the statement would come across as contrived, but over a steaming basket of naan, mouth full of lamb vindaloo, Ennis Chung couldn’t be more real. Ennis, like tennis, exudes a powerful energy that is hard to put your finger on. Excessively cool, yet extremely approachable, she conducts herself with a candor that is shockingly refreshing paired with an intense work ethic that seems counter to her super chill vibes. The photographer and graphic designer by trade, is the founder of Realest, an ethnographic photo journal that follows people in the hip-hop industry for 24-hours. Like most great things, Realest was less a stroke of genius, but rather the inevitable conclusion of an artist finding her niche in a robust and widely misconstrued community. Birthed out of Ennis’s burgeoning love for the hip-hop world and passion for photography came Realest, an attempt to capture the raw reality of some of the most influential and misunderstood creative minds of our time.

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Mass Appeal

Hip hop was the theme that tied it all together, but it became more of an ethnographic study for her. She’s not trying to be a party photographer, she wants to make a difference.

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