is a photo-documentary. This project, these books, are a tangible form of my efforts as a social activist and spiritual light worker. I feel a responsibility to choose the subject matter of my craft with the highest intent because this is how artist bring conversation to the public table. Hi, my name is Ennis like tennis and I’m here to talk about black culture. To celebrate it, preserve it, nourish it, and pay it my deepest respect.

Realest Volume 1 focuses on hip hop. I follow influential figures for 24 hours and take photos of their everyday life. Essentially, I track down strangers and watch them do everything and nothing for a full day. Eat meals with them, run errands, sleep on couches, whatever they do I’ll try to do too. Every mundane detail that doesn’t make it on the gram is probably highlighted in my books.

My extreme lack of hip hop knowledge gives me a different perspective. I don’t choose people based on their internet fame. I look for a lot of managers, directors, designers, stripper, aka a lot of influencers that operate behind the scenes. Regardless of profession, everyone goes through the same vetting process. I seek references from their peers and always ask, “Is s/he real?” The response is never casual.

I’m a photo-ethnographer. I’m educate myself on a cultural landscapes through social interactions and meaningful connections. How I shoot is deeply affected by the energies my photo-subjects project when I live with them. Therefore, I only follow people who share my belief in living with a positive mindset. I support those who help propel good vibrations.

I’m a collector in the ultimate sense.
I’m building a library of the people I honor.
I’m here to honor the realest.


Volume 1.1 is Available Now!

Featuring Ashley Outrageous, Cbass (Motion Family), Chuck Inglish, Ellie Sweetz & Jonas Leon.
Limited Edition 50.

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