LEE DELI is a thesis project on connection through the lens of branding. It will require active participation at every level.

LEE DELI is a 10 year conceptual piece.

LEE DELI is a brand first, business second.

LEE DELI aims to bring awareness to, and challenge current views of space/boundaries by merging opposing ideologies in its programs. Limits will be met, broken, repaired and exceeded.

LEE DELI will focus on several key social issues on a local scale, as well as challenge the limits of art and commerce at the universal level.

LEE DELI asks questions about the conditions of its surroundings.

LEE DELI favors temporary/semi-permanence because this acknowledges constant evolution. Subtopics include adapting versus exercising restraint.

LEE DELI uses design, architecture and innovative experiences to express its values and test concepts in micro-communities.

LEE DELI is a conscious lifestyle.

LEE DELI is a dream and a reality.

LEE DELI is a literary piece.

LEE DELI loves a good play on words

LEE DELI is everything, but will complete a full cycle and end as nothing.

This project is in it's early stages, check back soon for more!