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By sending money you agree to abide by my terms. No refunds, use your logic, nothing crude. Leave your insta handle if you want to be tagged. I reserve the right to all final decisions on the content that gets produced with your generosity.
10% of all donations to Food and Feet go towards providing those in need with hot meals. Every $7 buys one steamy bowl of vegan Vietnamese pho for our friends on Hastings St.


Here's what happens
when you send funds.


Buys me a joint. Because you get me.


Lets you suggest grocery items like cereal, produce, bevies, etc.


Treat my toes to a nice pedi. You can pick the color.


Food from a restaurant local to me.


I'll make you a homemade special for the gram.
Yes I cook, bake, clean. Lavender is my favorite ingredient.

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Size counts.