food and feet

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"The direction in which someone’s feet are pointing tells you something about what they want, what their subconscious desires."

I don’t remember if this came from a legitimate source, but as a pre-teen, I found it fascinating. The notion never left me. Body language was the secret code to reading boys. Since then, I've always given feet an extra three seconds. I constantly verify by checking my own. Which way are they looking? Are my toes curled in angst? Sometimes I spread them really wide to grip the ground. Do you like me? Do I like you?

I love the amount of eroticism this oozes with total lack of anything sexual. It feels naughty doing it at other people's houses without them knowing. It's creative foreplay. I'm not looking for anything serious. Relax, let's have fun.

(n). "Improvisation, or improv, is a form of live theatre in which the plot, characters and dialogue of a game, scene or story are made up in the moment. Often improvisers will take a suggestion from the audience, or draw on some other source of inspiration to get started." –  citation