Digital Rolodex

WTF is this? I’m trying to figure it out too, but hear me out, I’m going somewhere.

To start, I’m hand picking an exceptional group of audio/visual artist. These are my creative colleagues whose work I admire and may one day have the opportunity to partner with. I’m looking for designers, directors, talent, stylists, composers, painters, everything and of various levels of experience. Eventually, I hope to grow this into an extensive rolodex that everyone is welcome to shuffle through.

Why am I sharing? Because we need to support one another. I’m trying to bridge the gap between large companies/agencies and authentic creatives. Personally I'm tired of working in teams that lack diversity. It’s funny how so many brands these days want to tap into the "millennial mindset"..."youth culture"..."urban shit"...yet they hire people who are totally out of touch. They're not supporting the growth of the real culture class. So join me please. Help me build a network and share it to make it stronger. There’s power in numbers and working together.

For the next 6 months I’ll be collecting portfolios and resumés so that I can launch this before the end of the year. I have really fucking high standards and I’m excited to curate this. Let’s go!

If you're unable to make a submission through this form, you can also send an email to REALESTSOCIETYLLC@GMAIL.COM

subject line: REP ME
please include all required information. you will only be contacted if there is interest. 

Thank you!

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