I'm Ennis like tennis. The hardest working, down to earth, 5 foot short ball of fuego you’ll ever meet. This is my bedroom.

I’m an art director/graphic designer by day, photo-ethnographer by night. My biggest goals in life are to make cool, beautiful, functional things that hopefully benefit the world in some way, and exude good energy on everyone around me. I get depressed if I'm not making things.

I’m a collector in the ultimate sense. Experiences, people, and things.

I need to work on a variety of projects whether it’s branding, marketing campaigns, print, digital, whatever – to keep me and my work fresh. I specialize in food because I have a long history in the industry. Everything from working bottom to top FOH (except bartending because I’m too short to reach the booze), in the kitchen, menu development, design/photography, food styling, packaging, fast food, casual, fine dining, cafés, catering, condiments, I’ve done it all. But don’t be fooled, food is only one aspect of my life.

Lately I’ve been dabbling in the hip hop industry. I started a photo-documentary called Realest in 2015 and spent my first year living with all kinds of strangers, rappers, managers, and way more…for 24 hours (yes 24h straight). This year the project continues, but is branching into a political direction. Realest Volume 1.1 just dropped though! You coppin?


Ok, enough about me, what about you?